Skip the flowers and the chocolate this Valentine's Day. Check out these 3 unique ways to show your significant other you love them!

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How is it already February??? February means Valentine’s Day is soon approaching. For some, Valentine’s Day is romantic and magical. For others, it can be a pretty lonely day. Personally, Valentine’s Day doesn’t make me feel all giddy inside nor does it make me feel empty or alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband! He is amazing and every day I want to show him just how much he means to me. The truth is, I just feel “meh” about Valentine’s Day.

It was my first Valentine’s Day as a high schooler. A friend of mine came up to me in the crowded noisy hallway and whispered that a senior was about to ask me to be his “Valentine.” First of all, what does that really mean to be someone’s valentine? That is another post for another time. Anyways, I had talked with this boy a few times and thought he was pretty cute but really wasn’t interested in dating anyone, especially a senior. Side note, I was awkward and incredibly shy in 9th grade. Phew, I have come a long way.


A couple periods later he showed up at my locker bearing the most beautiful roses and only roses I had ever received. He then asked me to be his Valentine, which I blushingly said yes to. Romantic right? Nope. For some reason, I was SO embarrassed. I didn’t want anyone to know he had given me flowers. This was crazy because he was a nice, good looking, and popular senior. Every 9th grade girl’s dream right? I did not know until this moment, but apparently not mine. There was something about the attention of carrying the flowers around all day with people asking me who they were from that just freaked me out. Looking back, this whole situation is ridiculous but when I got to my next class I put, well mostly squeezed, them into my backpack where they would remain to this day… just kidding. I took the flowers out when I got home but they were so sad and wilty. Since that day, I have just felt that Valentine’s Day puts too much pressure on us and is can be kind of cheesy.


I love cheesy but not the giant teddy bear the size of a coffee table kind of cheesy. Let’s put aside the pressure and the cheese and spice things up this Valentine’s Day season. Instead of going with your usual gifts (that are most likely going to die, be eaten, or be thrown in the Goodwill pile a week later) here are 3 unique ways to show your significant other you love them:


Clearly, my love language is not receiving gifts. Quality time and words of affirmation are the biggest ways I feel and receive love. Most of my favorite memories with my husband Garrett were made spending “us” time together on road trips, weekend getaways, or vacations! So, here is the first way to show your spouse or significant other you love them: make a memory. Memories last far beyond the gifts and flowers you receive. You will have your memories forever! The good thing about making memories is you can make them just about anywhere. Here are some unique ways to make some memories with your spouse or significant other this Valentine’s day:

  • Have a romantic picnic in the park. Or, if you are in a colder climate, have an indoor picnic in the candlelight! During one of my bridal showers, my family wrote on adorable themed cards advice for Garrett and I. My aunt’s advice to us, which I will never forget, was to talk to each other about everything and have lots of picnics!
  • Get away for the weekend! You don’t have to stay in a five-star hotel to make a memory. Get an Air BnB or cheap hotel somewhere and just spend time together. Put your phones in the nightstand or put them on silent while you are away. Spend some quailty time enjoying each others company.  There is something so romantic and refreshing about just getting away, leaving normal life behind for a little while.
  • Check something off your bucket list. Maybe you and your spouse have always wanted to go skydiving? Find a place that will let you, you know… just JUMP from a plane, and go do it! What better way to make a memory than checking something off your bucket list? If you are not as extreme, like me, get tickets to your favorite band you have never seen or watch all the Star Wars movies in chronological order! Whatever those “must-do” things are on your list, go do them with your Valentine. Make memories you will never forget!


Maybe it is not feasible or practical for you to get away for the weekend? I totally get that. Maybe you are on a tight budget? I am with you there! Don’t fret, I have another unique way to show your spouse or significant other you love them -DIY gift or project. I just can’t help it, I am a sucker for cute handmade gifts and DIY projects. Garrett and I have never been extravagant gift givers. We normally prefer to take a trip somewhere. When we do plan to exchange gifts on a holiday we often try to make something unique and special for each other. I am all about creating something on your own but when you are all out of ideas or just need a little inspiration, Pinterest will be your best friend! The Thinking Closet also has some amazing ideas for last minute DIY gifts for your Valentine! I may just be making one of these in the next week or so! Shh, don’t tell Garrett!

30 Last Minute Valentines Gifts


This last way to show your spouse or significant other you love them is absolutely free! Did your ears perk up a little? Mine always do when I hear about a good deal or better yet the word free. In this season of cupid’s arrows flying about and little candy hearts it is easy to get swept up in the big grand gestures and gifts. Just promise me you won’t forget to use your words. By using your words you can tell your bae just how you feel but you can also show them!

At the end of January, I started thinking about February being on its way and how Valentine’s day would soon follow. I decided I wanted to do something all month long to show Garrett just how much I love him. An idea popped into my head and I went with it! I pulled out this old chicken wire frame I had repurposed a while ago and cut 60 hearts with my Cricut, in case Garrett wanted to get in on the fun! The adorable mini clothespins I had from when I hung my Christmas cards on this same frame a year ago! Not only am I telling him how and why I love him everyday but showing him! Use your words to express to your special someone just how much they mean to you! Life is too short to not tell the people in your life how you feel about them!

However your spouse feels or receives love, find a way to show them this Valentine’s Day. Skip the flowers and the chocolate and make a memory. Avoid the $7 cards and DIY something for your spouse or significant other that will want to keep forever. Don’t let those stuffed animals with the voice recording buttons steal your thunder. Use your words to tell and show your Valentine just how much they mean to you!


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What are some of the best OR worst Valentine’s Day gifts you have ever received or given? Comment below, I can’t wait to hear from you!


  1. Its the small things sometimes! . I plan to cook a special meal and then maybe go out somewhere over the weekend. I love to try new dishes and maybe cook something unexpected! thanks for sharing your thoughts

  2. What a great post! I quite like Valentine’s Day as it encourages me and my fella to have a date night – something we don’t often get chance to do. I like giving thoughtful gifts that don’t cost a lot.

  3. This is so me! While flowers once in a while are nice, I’d prefer a spontaneous spring bouquet rather than the I need to buy flowers for a holiday. Fortunately, hubby does a pretty darn good job with gifts. I plan to do a heart shaped soft pretzel stuffed with crab meat and cheese because it is one of his favorite treats.

  4. Some great tips here! Sometimes it just the little things that make them know that you were thinking of them makes the difference! I’m huge on DIY gifts. So glad my husband is a sap lol

  5. Such adorable ideas! We do a lot of DIY projects together on the weekends and every week we go somewhere for a day trips – Valentine’s Day is like a bonus weekend for us haha! x

  6. These are great ideas! Today is also my boyfriend and I’s 18 month anniversary. We are going to a nice dinner and will definitely turn off our phones so we can enjoy the moment!

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